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Inflateble Entertainment

AMUSEMENT  ATTRACTIONS-FUNDRAISERS There are Inflatable Churches, Inflatable Mazes, NOW Inflatable Haunts and Laser Tags Incredible INFLATABLE Haunted Maze. Chimera’s larger product. Have You Ever Wanted to Host Your Own Haunted Event with a Scary Custom Maze that Sets Up in … Continue reading

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Inventions & Then Some!

Time Magazine gives a preview of the many Great Inventions already out. Keep in mind that these brilliant items started as an idea on paper which then found their way to companies like Chimera Enterprise, LLC.   From that point … Continue reading

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The Reason Why CT Legislators are So Disconnected from Small Business!

When the owners of our twin company Success Genie, LLC went to the State Capital in Hartford, CT,  representing our businesses to communicate how we operate in a state that creates a hostile environment for small businesses.  The response was … Continue reading

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Manufacturing & Fabrication

Manufacturing Manufacturing is a field of engineering that generally deals with different practices of manufacturing; the research and development of tools, processes, machines and equipment. It also deals with the integration of different facilities and the systems for producing quality … Continue reading

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Chimera Enterprise LLC has a new home

Better late then never CHIMERA ENTERPRISE, LLC wants to welcome you all to our new web site! It is official! CHIMERA ENTERPRISE, LLC has after 15 years, established a web presence. Chimera Enterprise has been around for 15 years, but the … Continue reading

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