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A business owner is a science fiction fan and loves studying UFOs;  his request was to have us build his ideal office desktop conversation piece/work of art.

We took his passion for Sci-Fi movies and UFOs and designed and created a mood lamp for his office.

We do not carry stock of the UFO models, we manufacture them upon request; orders require 3-6 weeks delivery time.

We carry three DIY models:

First Demo, $180 – This kit is a DIY basic kit with unpainted UFO & instructions on building model as shown in video.

Second Demo, $270 – This is a finished demo, like the video, but neither base & UFO lights up. It comes with easy instructions on installing your own LEDs lights in UFO.

Third Demo, $440 – This is a completely assembled Model with decorated, lighted base & UFO; this model has more details than the demo in the video.

All above prices do not include shipping & handling.

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The business owner loved his first custom item so much, he came back and asked for a second job: a fictitious Area 51 UFO presentation.

Jared Specimens For You Sci-Fi Fans

Let’s say you would like a more realistic looking prop for your next party, lab mockup, Halloween event; or perhaps you would like a cool conversation piece for your computer desk or shelf…

We can design and build Jared specimens that are self-lit and complete stand alone props; place several of them together to create ambiance for your next event. All Containers are custom made to order and no two are alike!

You don’t want a little gray alien? Keep in mind that you can request whatever specimen you want for the containers or jars.

Order your customized fun novelty toys from us!

For more information on our customized props, follow these two links.



We construct beautiful decorative pieces that have been used in massage therapy offices, atriums of corporate buildings, private homes and home based businesses, as well as window displays in stores.

The displays can be as small or large as the client desires.

This item has a base of large white quartz cluster, Utah ice and semi-precious crystals with Boji stones. It has a triangular mirror housing on top to support lighting, plants, flowers, candles and any other item that will enhance the overall structure; this is a small unit made for an office table top.



You choose:
– with or without eternal lighting
– with or without live plants
– with or without shifting color patterns
– large floor or yard models or tabletop displays




Straight out of Jurassic Park!
Replicas of Insects in color resins posted on top of a real cane; this Cane even has a sword in it!


Our creative dept. can take your suggestions, information and ideas and design a unique and one of a kind item that will be the envy of others.