About Us

Gifts, Museum Displays, Mood Lamps, Research Tools/Devices, One of a Kind Decors and Presentations for Large and Small Areas; we can do just about anything!


Corporate Gifts and Unique One of Kind Toys:

  • You need to find the right gift for a person who has everything but can’t find exactly what they want
  • You want a special or unique gift for your boss
  • Your child really wants that super hero helmet they saw on tv or the movies but you know that no store sells it
  • You want a special one of a kind coffee table décor that is more than a conversation piece.
  • Or perhaps you are a member of a Sci-Fi club and you want a specific prop made to go with your costume.  Or maybe you need someone to create the whole costume for you.


Our creative department can take your suggestions, information and ideas and design a unique and one of kind item that will be the envy of others.


Chimera specializes in:

  • Flexible, competitive, efficient and excellent service
  • Manufacturing, pre-fabrications and construction of specific inventions and prototype devices
  • Chimera Enterprise is an established 19 year old company and the principals have over 40 years experience in creating props, facades and constructs for many industries
  • Experience in building themed attractions
  • Experience in building unique props for events and movies
  • Expertise in running successful and profitable event with other organizations like universities, rotaries and others
  • Multi-discipline background to fulfill client’s requests


Our Beginnings

Chimera started out as a dream to build the impossible and to make people say ‘wow you did that!’ We started 19 years ago and have since grown and added other spin off businesses to better serve our customer and client needs by to focus on our specialties.


Our niche…consistent creativity

Chimera meets the needs of a certain client base that desires not only a product from conception to completion, but one that also fits their budgets.

Creative Prototypes/MockUps

What is the role of Chimera?

Chimera Enterprise is a unique and eclectic multifaceted entertainment, design, creative prototype and mockup company. Chimera Enterprise is the main parent company of diverse subsidiaries such as Your Custom Haunted House and Interactive Mazes.  Each subsidiary focuses on a specific product and/or service that Chimera excels in!